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Dog Biscuits 

I was born Camisetas Futbol ignorant. This seems like a simple enough http://www.designspros.com observation but it amazes me how far I had to travel to discover the Camisetas De Futbol Baratas obvious. Some people have the ability to recognize the pivotal moments in life as they happen. I tend to survive them. It's only afterwards that the weight of the situation reveals itself and I truly understand where I was. This to me seems like a flaw in my programming. My mind is bright enough, but being intelligent and applying intelligence are two completely different creatures.


As I write this edem-france.com I have a cat sitting on my lap. Although this sounds Camisetas Baratas warm and fuzzy I'm just thankful that said cat is no longer weaving between my arms in an attempt to assist me with my writing. Despite my continued insistence the cat apparently knows what's best for me. I shouldn't be wasting valuable petting time typing. The thoughts will be there when she's finished with me. Besides, when I get up to take a break she will no doubt make any necessary corrections to my work.

When I was very young I had a Maillot De Foot dog named Snoopy. One of my favorite times of the day was when I would feed Snoopy his dog biscuit. He seemed so happy to receive it and tore through it with great passion. I often wondered if it was really that good why he wouldn't slow down and savor the moment. Was the biscuit just so good he couldn't help himself? A rather bold observation for such a young lad, but that it seems is one of my monsters.

Mom was in the kitchen spending Australia Football time with one of the other housewives in the neighborhood. On this particular day I was playing in the house and no doubt making a good bit of noise. Mom calls me over and gives me Snoopy's biscuit. Out the door I go. I'm sure that was her motivation to start with.

With a single call Snoopy comes around the Italy Football corner, tail wagging, making all the cliché dog gyrations. There must be a book somewhere that tells them what to do and when, but I haven't been able to find it yet. Upon seeing or smelling the biscuit his intensity doubles. What is it about this biscuit that is so desirable? How can I prolong the dog's enjoyment? I've got it! I'll break it into pieces so I can give him smaller bites. My intelligence sometimes staggers me.

After discovering I don't have the power to France Football simply snap the biscuit in half, my mind goes to work and solves the problem. Setting the biscuit down on the stair and stepping on it snaps small pieces off. I feed the first piece to Snoopy and get the usual frenzied reaction. After finishing the smaller than usual portion he starts sniffing the ground for more. I then hand him his second bite. I swear the dog is even happier than before! What is so great about these things? What secret am I missing out on? I take a piece and put it in my mouth. Why not? As a child you learn by doing right?

I have to admit it wasn't all I had hoped for. World Cup Football Sponsor Definitely not enough to make me run around in circles and wag my tail. Snoopy sure was though! Well, it's his turn again. Sure enough, he dances around as he finishes off another piece. What am I missing? Another sample should clear this up. I still remember exactly what it tastes like. It had a firm texture, kind of like a thick cracker, but was harder to chew than I thought. The taste was sort of like meaty bread and cardboard. What I couldn't get my mind around was how bland the thing was, just dull.


Just then I realized I had eaten the last piece. Snoopy Mexico Football is giving me a look. It wasn't until later in life I fully understood it. The brain is constantly measuring stuff. When I eat a candy bar I know how much candy bar I consumed. Eat the same candy bar enough times and you get comfortable with how much is there. The mind just knows. If I share the candy bar with someone else my mind misses the piece I gave away. Snoopy was missing the rest of his biscuit! Now the guilt kicks in. Even though my original intentions were good my selfishness has deprived my furry friend the rest of his treat. His loyalty to me shouldn’t be cast aside so casually. He deserves better. So off I go, back into the kitchen.


Mom was less than thrilled when I interrupted her conversation. Most parents have unbelievable patience when it comes to their children. Mine has enough to listen to my detailed explanation why I needed another biscuit for Snoopy. I was truthful. Information that I'm sure she would rather I hadn't shared in front of her guest. For the second time today there was a face in front of me with a look on it. Unlike earlier though I knew exactly what this one meant.


 Well Snoopy got his second biscuit, under close observation from my mother. I never again sampled dog treats. Some things are best tried only once. From then on I simply watched the dog enjoy something I still can't fully appreciate, but I understand it a little better.


The cat says it's time to stop and pet her. Watching her face reminds me of the look Snoopy had after his second serving. I kind of understand that a little better too.



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