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Happy New Year !
While Camisetas De Futbol rebuilding Football de la Colombie my swing I'm also Images du Football continuing the never Football du Mexique ending process of Maillot de foot tweaking my rig. My live setup is becoming a bi-amped Joueurs du Football setup. More details to follow...

I have started the rebuild of Camisetas Futbol Baratas my swing. Daily work to create new neural pathways to change my backswing. I have decided to go back to the interlocking grip. 18 months ago I went to the overlap while I was searching for consistency. I'm taking a more intelligent approach to changes now...

Well, this is the Camisetas Futbol beginning of a journey. One that will take quite a long time and push me both physically and mentally. My goal is the 2015 Champions Tour Open. As I write this I am a 12 handicap. My goal is to be scratch in 52 weeks. I am building a schedule that will increase my strength and flexibility as well as improve my swing. This web site will act as my journal for both accountability and posterity.
Wish me luck...

Just returned USA Football from an extended trip to Great Britain. England Football Lots of things happening.
Will update soon...

Congrats to Adam Scott Football Videos for winning the Green Jacket. Australia Football Enjoy all the rewards this brings.
Kudos to Angel Cabrera for a hard fought battle. You are a true gentleman.

Well, I played my first round of golf today. Had lots of 3 putt bogeys and didn't score well, but I was playing golf! It was nice to be out World Cup Football Football Shirts there again. Next time I will actually try to score. Today was just a primer...

The snow is melting! Its almost gone. Just a matter of days before the first attempts at golf are possible. 
Better wear my old shoes... 

Well, the north country took a late season hit to the tune of 12" of snow. Seems like this happens just about every year. Still, I love this part of the Maillot De Foot country. Golf season will have to wait a few more weeks... 

I spent some quality time today with the Splawn. That thing is a monster! Great tone and very touch sensitive.

On a side note I practiced putting today. USA Jersey Its almost time...

3/15    the ides of March
I just returned from a trip to Soccer News the Carolinas. Spent some quality time with my parents. 
Should be taking more trips than I have been lately.

While I was there I picked up a Splawn Argentina Soccer Super Sport head. This thing rocks! Scott Splawn has really hit the mark on the 'cranked plexi' tone. 
It has already found a England Soccer place in the lineup. I may be having a spring cleaning sale soon.

Yes, it sounds that good...

Well life is strange. I had a computer issue and Soccer Jerysey had to replace a lot of hardware. Things are up and running again.
New updates coming soon.... 

Welcome to a brand new year. I have Portugal Soccer been dusting off a couple of old rigs and currently have 4 of them up and show ready; The Barr Medalist with a 2x12 cab, The Carvin x100b with a 4x12 cab, The Albion TCT50 with a 2x12 cab, and Creature, the small rack set-up with 2 1x12 cabs.

With this arsenal I'm set up for recording. Check out 382rocks on you tube for a couple of clips.


I've spent the summer and fall playing golf and enjoying life. Somewhere along the way the call of the guitar started building inside me. In the last 3 weeks I have rebuilt 2 guitars, re-tubed 2 amps, and bought a new one. It's a nice 6v6 model that will make an excellent practice amp. Built by D-Lab electronics, the Copperhead 6v6 has a great tone. It's a simple circuit that even with only one 6v6 absolutely screams. Check them out at

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